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To build projects of all sizes and simplify their supervision, we offer a full range of services from production to transport and assembly.

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We connect distances


In addition to our specialized employees in mechanization and tools, we perform technically very demanding tasks of building and equipping base stations, manufacturing, and installing steel structures, antenna receivers, and poles.

We control energy

Electrical facilities

We provide a complete offer of construction of electrical facilities for safe distribution and management of electricity of various voltages. On our projects, type tests were carried out at the KONČAR Institute of Electrical Engineering, following HRN and IEC standards.

Production program

Production of low and medium voltage equipment

Energy distribution cabinets for various purposes and transformer stations come out of our modernly equipped workshop facilities every day. Production meets the highest customer requirements in terms of quality, workmanship, and quantity of installed equipment.

Production program:

Low voltage switchgear for distribution substations:

  • Low voltage switchgear type TENNSB (installation in concrete cable transformer stations)
  • Low voltage type distribution cabinets TENNR (installation on column concrete or iron-lattice transformer stations)

Medium voltage switchgear for substations and generators or motor drives:

  • Distribution cabinets for:

    • Automation of industrial plants
    • Management of public lighting
    • Compensation of low voltage reactive energy
    • Gas stations, shopping malls, banks and business facilities
    • Cabinets of secondary equipment of control, protection and measurement systems for HV plants
    • Other
  • Transformer stations intended for electricity distribution:
    • Compact concrete transformer station measuring 4160 x 3260 x 2120 mm
    • Compact concrete transformer station measuring 4160 x 3260 x 3260 mm
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We transmit energy

Production and assembly of steel structures

We manufacture and install all types of steel structures such as transmission lines, antenna receivers, base stations and poles.

We ship to you


For us, distances are not a problem. We transport all types of materials, tools and machinery even to the hardest to reach locations.

Business and residential

Building construction

We build business facilities for the development of your business or residential for perfect accommodation.

We are creating new paths

Civil engineering

We are renovating old ones and building new roads and crossings to your favorite locations.

We produce energy

Construction of renewable energy production facilities

We build renewable energy sources to preserve the environment and create a sustainable future.

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