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Since our founding as a craft shop, we have developed into a limited liability company. We primarily focus on building construction, production, distribution, and transmission of electricity.

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Integrated management system policy

The policy of the integrated management system is an integral part of our business policy and development strategy of the organization. It is determined by clearly set goals and is adjusted to the organization itself.

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Company timeline

Craft shop Monter
The company's beginning dates back to 1969 when we founded the craft shop "Monter" based in Viškovci.
Tehno-elektro commerce
Following the development of technology, at 1990 our craft shop grew into the company '' Tehno-elektro commerce'' and the offer of our services expanded.
1996 - Today
In 1996, the company received the current name "TEHNO-ELEKTRO d.o.o." and we are developing into a modern organization, recognizable for providing a comprehensive and quality service based on a long tradition, knowledge, and reliability.
1996 - Today

Offer expansion

Additional services

A quick response to customer requests has prompted us to expand our services. Therefore, in addition to basic services, we are also active in the sectors of transport, communications, production of steel structures, production of low voltage equipment, including professional staff in construction, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

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